What Toppings are Best for Pizza?

Pizza toppings make the pie unique and tasty and with dozens of options, customizing a pizza to your exact specifications is simple. So, as far as an answer to the question of which toppings are best for pizza, there is really no one size fits all answer. It all depends on what you like and what you’re in the mood to eat. You can always change your pizza pie the next time you order pizza delivery near me.

If you want the typical pizza that most people order, top it with pepperoni. Or, if you want two toppings, add sausage. Many people love it when the cheese is piled high, so they order extra cheese on their pizza. Prefer more healthy options? There are tons of ideas for a healthy pizza pie as well.  Maybe you’d like to top your pie with spinach or black olives to get that extra health kick.

Other popular pizza toppings include:

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·    Bacon

·    Mushroom

·    Chicken

·    Beef

·    Onions

·    Red Peppers

This is not a complete list of pizza toppings, of course, but includes some of the most popular options. Does pineapple go on pizza? Of course it does, if that is what you like. Many people enjoy the taste of a Hawaiian pizza, which is topped with delicious pineapple and ham. If you like it then you really should eat it without worrying about what anyone else thinks. It’s your pizza, have it your way!

You also have your choice of pizza crusts which further personalize your pie. You can pick from hand tossed, thin crust, gluten-free, whole-grain, and an assortment of other types of crust. They enhance the flavor of the pizza and give you the options that you want. Now that you’re ready to eat pizza, what will go on tonight’s pie?