Tips For Creating A Great Reception

A wedding is a time of fun and enjoyment.  It is where two people announce their love to the world and celebrate with a ceremony and a reception.  At the time of the reception you want to have everything setup perfectly so that your guests can come in, grab a drink, some food and really enjoy celebrating the evening.  To best accomplish this is to hire the best wedding catering san diego ca.

best wedding catering san diego ca

Wedding Catering is where a company will come into the reception hall and setup the tables, food and serve.  The catering company will work through the entire process from appetizers to desert so the guests will have hot food and plenty of it.  Before this can happen however, you will need to sit down with them and discuss all of the details.


While the bride and groom are having photos taken and getting ready for the reception, appetizers should be made available for all the guests.  With appetizers guests can grab a cocktail, some shrimp, cheese, bread or something light and get comfortable waiting for the main event to occur. 

Planning your appetizer menu should be straightforward.  You don’t want to have anything too heavy for your guests or they won’t eat the main meal.  You also don’t want them to be hungry waiting for you to finish with your pictures.  This is why cheese, bread, fruit, pasta salad, meatballs and maybe chicken wings will be a good option.  You want something they can grab and go as well as sit and talk.

Main course

The main course should have three options: fish, chicken and a meat.  When you have these thee options everyone has a choice as to what they would like to eat.  The main course should come out in courses such as a salad, soup, main course and even some bread.

The reception is where people are going to have their time to enjoy your wedding.  Make sure to think of all the small details and discuss your options with your caterer.