Tips And Best Practices For Labeling

Labeling is very important in understanding the process something has gone through and what it is meant for in the future.  When we fail to place a label on something it becomes an unknown.  We don’t know what it is, when it was made, what its purpose was or anything else along those lines.  This is very important when we talk about date labels for food.  If we have food that has expired or has an unknown history, people can become very sick and even die due to improper information.

Label size

When placing a label on something make sure that the label is large enough to be seen and can contain the information that is needed.  More often than not many packages are small and will only be able to support a small label.  In most cases the labels will have very small print on them that is hard to read.  You want to avoid this by having the right size label to be seen and to convey the information.


date labels for food

Labels that can’t support a lot of written information should rely on symbols and colors to convey their messages.  The symbol of a skull and cross bone is a universal symbol of danger, death and don’t touch.  A red hand or stop sign is a symbol telling us to stop and pay attention to the message.  Just like text, using symbols is just as telling.  As long as the symbols are clear and concise then they can be used on labels.  Never use a confusing symbol.


The colors on the labels is also important.  Using a bright yellow label is great, however, using a bright yellow label with neon green text is not a good idea.  When using bright colors use black text.  This way people will see the label and still be able to read and understand your message.