Quick-Fix Protein Solutions For Those Out Of Time

As you read this note right now, are you feeling rundown and tired? And get this; it is not even the lunch break. Still another hour or so to go. You are running low on reserves and you are just feeling just so hungry. Did you have breakfast this morning? It is still the most important meal of the day, didn’t you know. Many would have argued; yes, but we did have breakfast. The thing is, it’s not so much that you had breakfast.

That’s still great, good that you did. It’s more to do with what you had that is important. For instance, a mug of rushed black jumbo coffee and an unfinished bowl of toasties hardly qualifies as a must-have breakfast. The bowl of cereal that you rushed through was probably loaded with sugar rather than the essential fiber that your body so desperately needs. You get that from raw oats. You can cook it too, of course.

protein fx bars

And to add healthy flavor to it all – because there’s still so many folks out there that are just not fond of ‘plain’ oats – you can add a few other healthy ingredients like raw honey (that replaces the white sugar), your favorite nuts (it must be unsalted, and it’s got heaps of protein for that time of the morning…speaking of which, you could also pack in a couple of protein fx bars with the rest of your mid-morning sarmies to tie you over until the lunchbreak)…and then add some fruit favorites to your oats bowl as well.

Try your best to leave off coffee for a while and replace that habit with organic teas – herbal, chamomile, red bush, so many rich flavorful choices – and then see how much energy you’ll have…