5 Ways to Make Someone Smile Today

Life is far too short to be unhappy. We should live our lives with a smile and a desire to make our time on earth a little bit easier. One of the best ways to make yourself happy is by making someone else happy. Yes, it feels good to know that you had a part in someone’s happiness for the day. How can you achieve this goal and make someone smile today? There are endless ways to conquer this, of course, but the five ideas below are among the best. Whether it is a stranger, friends, family, a lover, or someone else, these ideas work like a charm every single time.

1- Send Flowers

Flowers always say what words cannot. They’re the perfect pick me up when skies are gray and the perfect way to say I love you. So many amazing types of flowers send your message loud and clear.

2- Pay the Tab

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Pay the tab of the person in front of you in line, or even the person behind you if you prefer. It’s a small gesture known as pay it forward and it can benefit you in a number of ways. It feels good to help others.

3- Send Sweets

Chocolate is the way to a person’s heart but any sweet will work for most people. Why not test the theory and arrange for cookie delivery atlanta or pick up a dozen donuts from the local bakery? Sweets always make the day a little less bleak.

4- Tell Jokes

You can always make others laugh and smile if you crack a joke. Make sure that the joke is in good taste of course and let the funny roll. Whether it’s a stranger or someone that you know, jokes always make the day.

5- Write a Letter

When you express yourself via written words, it really pulls on all of the heart strings. Why not write a letter to someone that you love to tell them exactly how you feel about them? It can help any relationship thrive.